Zac Earl Farms
Contact: Zac Barnhart
Address: 542 Riverside Road Billings, MT, 59101
Email Address:
Phone: 406-698-5530
About Us
We are Zac and Cindy Barnhart, a husband and wife team. Together we run Zac Earl Farms with the “help” of our children, Ronan (7) & Everly (4).
Our farm is located in Billings, MT. We farm at our home on a small piece of property, focusing on quick growing vegetables. We pride ourselves on using organic methods, using row covers, soil health and crop rotation to keep predators at bay. Our goal is to grow our communities access to fresh local organic produce using sustainable methods.

We released 1,500 live ladybugs into our urban farm to help defend our produce from harmful pests like, Aphids, whitefly, plant mites and other insect eggs. We use row covers to prevent pest access to the plants. We practice flame weeding to burn away weeds and debris on the surface of the soil before we plant into the beds. We use tarps to cover beds when not in use to encourage weed germination so they can be terminated when we are ready to plant the bed. Our main input to the farm is compost. We use a no till deep compost system, where the bed is never rototiller so the soil stays aerobic and is not compacted.