Bullseye Ranch
Contact: Gene & Ronna
Address: 8333 Story Road Billings, MT, 59101
Email Address:
Phone: 406-656-7668
About Us
We've been naturally raising Black Angus Cattle for 20 years in Musselshell, Petroleum & Yellowstone County.
Taste the difference!
We grow our own hay and corn to allow our home raised cattle to be grass fed and corn finished. Our cattle are raised without the use of hormones and are GAP certified. We have our Global Animal Welfare Certification. This means no antibiotics ever, no added growth hormones, no animal by-products, and we are 3rd party audited every 15 months.

Animal Welfare Certified also means :
Our cattle are on pasture except for finishing.
Cattle are protected from extreme weather.
Pasture maintained with a minimum of 50% vegetative coverage.
25 hour maximum transport time.
Specific requirements for weaning ( 6 month min) and castration ( 6 months max)