Swift Buckets
Contact: Jessica & Reed
Address: 7117 King Ave W Billings, MT, 59106
Email Address:
Phone: 406-598-4792
About Us
Swift Buckets turns Billings area home food scraps into nutrient rich Bokashi fermented liquid concentrate soil conditioner called Big Sky Bio. This nutrient dense concentrate is teaming with micro flora to rapidly boost and improve soil health!

You can also visit their website to sign up for their at home food waste recycling program. If you love the idea of returning your food waste to the soil, but don’t have the ability to keep a compost pile or worm farm at home, then you should sign up for Swift Buckets! By joining Swift Buckets you can help our community divert tons waste from the landfill every week and reduce our carbon footprint in a significant way!
We provide a 5 gallon bucket to be filled with all of your home food scraps. Each week we come and pick up the waste to be turned into nutrient rich soil conditioner!
Swift Buckets