Becky's Berries
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Address: 10A Kem Lane Absarokee, MT, 59001
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Phone: 406-321-1708
About Us
In 2006, Becky Stahl and her husband, Tim, decided to start a fresh, new way of life. With their faith, work ethic, Becky’s recipes, and little else, the Stahl’s moved to Absarokee, Montana, in hopes of providing opportunity for their family. With Tim, her family, and her community’s support, Becky continued living with her childhood memories of picking berries and crafting jams and jellies to share with the world.

Becky’s Berries, a family venture, a step of faith born out of necessity and a unique life changing situation turned into a successful business opportunity. Tim and Becky have always believed, “the success of the business lies in a lot of hard work, dedication and sheer determination.” Becky started with small batches of jellies cooked in her kitchen and sold at local farmer’s markets. From that first successful venture, Becky’s Berries has grown into a certified processing facility shipping handcrafted Montana flavor across the United States.
Becky’s Berries was born with unique flavor varieties originating from wild huckleberries, chokecherries, June berries, buffalo berries, and blackberries grown naturally in Montana and the Northwest. Depending on the recipe of the day, these berries may be used individually or combined together with fiery jalapeno peppers or smoked chipotle peppers in small batches. That’s it, no fillers, in Becky’s Berries recipes to ensure the same mouthwatering flavor burst time after time. Becky’s Berries handcrafts an assortment of scrumptious products from fruit jams and pepper jellies, to syrups, sauces, and honeys.