Yellowstone Mushrooms
Contact: Cory Wilson
City: Billings, MT, 59106
Email Address:
Phone: 406-671-6412
About Us
My name is Cory Wilson and I am the one-man team behind Yellowstone Mushrooms. Yellowstone Mushrooms specializes in growing gourmet mushrooms that are grown in a climate-controlled building that I built. I am currently growing Lions Mane's and King Oyster as part of my winter cycle.
Yellowstone Mushrooms goal is to provide surrounding areas with locally grown and fresh gourmet mushrooms. I grow year-round but use seasonal strains of mushrooms in the summer growing tropical, heat resistant strains, and in the winter I grow cold weather strains.

Every mushroom that I grow is grown without pesticides or herbicides. I grow mushrooms on sterilized sawdust with added nutrients, they are steam sterilized to inhibit bacterial growth.